The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Chatbot

She's Checked In Indefinitely


When tasked by the client to drive direct bookings and increase spend on-premise, we knew that we had to create an experience unlike any other that would drive brand loyalty and uncover the amazing things the resort had to offer. Enter: Rose, the Resident Mischief-Maker and chatbot for The Cosmopolitan.

But Rose isn’t any old chatbot, she’s imbued with tons of personality. She has a her own myth, style–and underneath that sexy facade–she can plug in her human counterparts to fulfill anything a guest dream of. She knows all the best secrets of The Cosmopolitan, from off-menu drinks to exclusive access to the hottest clubs, and she can’t wait to show them to anyone curious enough to text her. We hear she’s causing quite a stir.

Creative Director



We created our own mythology for Rose to layout her role and connection to the brand. It was used to fuel her personality traits and served as a lens to write over a thousand responses.

A card was given to each guest at check-in to spark intrigue and introduce Rose.

She can be depicted in various ways, but her identity is never fully revealed. After all, she can be anyone and everyone.

She’s a rich character that serves as the spirit of The Cosmopolitan and their resident mischief-maker.

A sample of her responses that serve to deepen engagement, perform tasks, delight, and inform guests on all the secrets of The Cosmopolitan.