The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Canvas Ad

It's Just the Right Amount of Wrong


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a bold and mischievous personality that makes it truly unlike any resort on the strip. By tapping into their “Just the Right Amount of Wrong” ethos, the resort attracts a certain Curious Class, by blending the real with surreal and offering experiences both big and small to be discovered. Wicked, huh? It’s basically a creative’s dream scenario.

To capitalize on the playful nature of the brand, we used the Facebook Canvas ad platform to tell a more engaging story indicative of the experience you’d get on-premise. By using the ad’s components in unconventional ways, we were able to build an immersive brand experience that felt like you were wandering through surreal spaces in the resort. Each space represented a different amenity with messaging that delivered on the brand’s spirit. Also built into each scene was a surprise and delight moment in the form an animation, an interaction, or a clever way the scene was revealed. This let us tease the viewers through the experience by giving them something unexpected at each node in the story and entice them to finish the ad.

In just four weeks, “Canvas” reached 3.5 million users. Viewers spent an average of 29 seconds exploring the ad, and nearly half (46%) watched to completion. Over 200 reservations were made during the four-week buy.

People’s Choice Webby Award Winner – Mobile Campaigns

Creative Director